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Below is the list of 100 free thesis topics for MD/DNB Preventive and social medicine . You can select any good Preventive and social medicine  thesis topics for MD/DNB from here. For more thesis topics you can avail the service of premium thesis topics. The premium thesis topics include list of 2000+ Preventive and social medicine  thesis topics as well as recent topics which has been published in various national and international Preventive and social medicine  journals. 

    1. A study of complementary feeding practices amongst mothers of children aged six months to two years attending an immunisation clinic.
    2. A study of factors associated with health seeking behavior of elderly in rural community
    3. Knowledge,attitude,practice and toxicity symptoms asssociated with pesticide use among farm workers in a rural area.
    4. A community based study of prevalence of selected risk factors of osteoporosis in adult male population in an organized sector. Study of quality of life in hiv/aids patients in a tertiary care center.
    5. Knowledge and practices regarding injection procedures among injection providers in a tertiary care hospital.
    6. A comparative study of prevalence of hypertension,and its association with bmi and waist circumference,among adolescent school children in urban and rural area.
    7. A study of family planning practices in an urban slum.
    8. A cross sectional study of susceptibility to rubella among college students.
    9. A study of morbidity profile of middle,secondary and higher secondary school children in an urban area.
    10. A study of newborn care practices in the filed practice area of urban health center, sulthan palya.
    11. Socio-demograhic and reproductive variables in relation to female reproductive tract malignancies: hospital based case-control study.
    12. Clinico -epidemiological profile and risk factors of hypertension among the bank employees in western maharastra-a cross sectional study.
    13. An epidemiological study of overweight and obesity and its risk factors among adults in an adopted urban slum area.
    14. To study the prevalence and risk factors of obesity in bank employees in the city.
    15. Quality of life,stress and depression in geriatric population residing in field practice area of urban health training centre-a cross sectional study.
    16. Study of anaemia in adolescent girls and its co-relation with dietary intake.
    17. Assesment of effect of early childhood development interventions on child feeding practices including responsive feeding and nutrition status of 6 to 23 months old children.
    18. Awareness and health care seeking behaviour for newborn danger signs among mothers in rural area.
    19. Process evaluation of implementation of rashtriya bal swasthya karyakram in a District in central india.
    20. Status and effectiveness of implementation of weekly iron and folic acid supplementation Scheme in schools.
    21. Assessment of effect of a school-based behavior modification strategy on improvement in physical activity among school children.
    22. Prevalence of primary infertility among reproductive age group women.
    23. Menstrual morbidities in adolescent girls and their health seeking behavior in rural area.
    24. A study of health profile of juveniles placed in remand home.
    25. Cross sectional study of patients attending diabetic clinic in a tertiary care hospital.
    26. Epidemiological study of ischemic heart disease in patients admitted in intensive care unit in the tertiary care hospital.
    27. Study of contraceptive use and unmet need for contraception in married women of reproductive age group in urban slum area.
    28. Study of some epidemiological determinants of road traffic accidents.
    29. A study of morbidity associated with biomass fuel combustion among women in rural field practice area of a medical college.
    30. Profile of multimorbidity and associated socio-demographic factors:a hospital based study.
    31. A cross sectional study of health profile of bus drivers with special focus on mental health.
    32. Evaluation of the quality of pulmonary tuberculosis management among private practitioners in an urban area with special reference to rntcp guidelines/dots Strategy.
    33. A study to determine the prevalence of diabetes mellitus in tuberculosis patients registered for treatment under rntcp.
    34. Study of health profile of hiv positive
    35. Orphans in selected orphanages and challenges faced by their caregivers.
    36. Assessment of knowledge and practices regarding menstruation in school going Adolescent girls who attained menarche.
    37. Prevalence of sharps injuries among health care workers and assessment of their knowledge,attitude and practice regarding post-exposure prophylaxis for hiv in a tertiary care hospital.
    38. Morbidity pattern among geriatric population in field practice area of urban health centre.
    39. Prevalence of high risk pregnancy and its outcome in rural area.
    40. Health status of bank employees with special reference to musculoskeletal disorders.
    41. Risk factors for oral cancer : a case control study.
    42. Prevalence and determinants of caesarean section in an urban slum.
    43. To study to determine the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and it’s associated risk factors in class iv employess of tertiary care hospital and their family members residing in the hospital campus.
    44. Assessment of vitamin d status among the geriatric population in a tertiary care hospital of a metropolitan city.
    45. Prevalence of anemia morbidity school absenteeism and examination performance among lower primary school children.
    46. Coronary heart disease at the tertiary care hospital – a 5 years retrospective analysis.
    47. Assessment of the functionality status of the health facilities,according to the iphs guidelines.
    48. An epidemiological study of health hazards in sawmill workers.
    49. Study of prevalence & risk factors of metabolic syndrome in teaching staff of Engineering college.
    50. An epidemiological study of road traffic accident cases admitted in tertiary care Hospital from central india.
    51. Immunization coverage and its associated factors among children aged 12-23 months in rural area of a district.
    52. Evaluation of janani suraksha yojana in rural area of a district.
    53. Nutritional status of adolescent girls in rural area of a district.
    54. Study of factors associated with delay in diagnosis and treatment initiation in pulmonary tuberculosis.
    55. Cross sectional study of health status of geriatric population in urban and rural field practice area under community medicine department.
    56. Monitoring and surveillance of hypertension control in urban slum through community ownership programme.
    57. An epidemiological study of acute malnutrition in children six months to five years of age in an urban slum.
    58. Study of health care seeking behaviour and reasons for patient and health system delay in diagnosis of tuberculosis patients
    59. A cross sectional study to assess the antenatal utilization and factors affecting them in a tribal area.
    60. A cross-sectional review of issues and challenges in immunization services of under-five children amongst brick-kiln workers settlements.
    61. A cross-sectional epidemiological study of assessment of health needs and awareness regarding reproductive health in adolescent girls in rural area.
    62. An epidemiological study of health needs assessment and health seeking behavior Among geriatric population of and urban slum in a metro city
    63. A cross sectional epidemiological study of morbidity profile and assessment of health needs among workers of municipal water treatment plant.
    64. Clinical evaluation of safety and immunogenicity of indirab and verorab using simulated updated thai red cross regimen in healthy volunteers phase iii randomized controlled trial.
    65. A study of health problems lifestyle and behaviour of college youths in an urban area.
    66. Occupational health and safety measures among the health care workers in ancillary departments of a private tertiary care hospital.
    67. An epidemiological study of morbidity profile and health seeking behavior amongst brick workers in a rural field area of tertiary care hospital.
    68. A cross sectional epidemiological study of morbidity pattern and factors influencing mental health status with special focus on depression in geriatric population in field practice area of unban an health centre.
    69. A cross-sectional study to determine occupational determinants influencing health status & morbidity profile of traffic police in a metropolitan city.
    70. An epidemiological study to evaluate determinants influencing health status amongst married working women in the administrative departments of a medical college and a tertiary care hospital attached to it.
    71. An epidemiological mapping of growth and development in children below 3 years of age in a rural area.
    72. A cross-sectional study to evaluate the epidemiological determinants influencing the health status of meat handlers in the field practice area of an urban health centre in a metropolitan city.
    73. A study of knowledge attitudes and practices of private general practitioners in davangere city regarding tuberculosis and its control.
    74. Study of profile of the burns cases admitted to the a tertiary care hospital.
    75. Study of acute respiratory infections among pre-school children in rural field practice area.
    76. A prospective study to know the type of tuberculosis treatment outcome and reason for default among pediatric tuberculosis cases.
    77. Study of gaps between precepts and practices of preventive measures and pre hospital care among injury cases.
    78. A study to assess the outcome with particular reference to institutional deliveries after interventions under janani suraksh yojana in a primary health center area.
    79. Prevalence of bronchial asthma in adult population in rural field practice area.
    80. Knowledge attitude and practice of first aid in rural women
    81. To determine measles vaccination coverage and the socio-cultural factors associated with partial immunization among children of aged between 9-24 months in the urban slums.
    82. Nutritional status of adolescent girls residing in an urban slum of bagalkot city – a cross sectional study.
    83. A study on risk factors of type-2 diabetes mellitus – a case control study.
    84. Acute respiratory infections in under five children in urban slums.
    85. To estimate the proportion of substance use and socio-demographic factors among street children.
    86. Epidemiological determinants among the suspects of multidrug resistance tuberculosis.
    87. Occupational safety and health risks in selected estates of a tea planting company.
    88. A comparative study of prevelence and needs of persons with disability in selected rural areas.
    89. Health scenario and service utilization in urban slums of Surat city: Perspectives among young girls.
    90. Assessment of the Factors Related to the Development of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Category IV Eligible Patients.
    91. A study on life style risk factors on prevalence of hypertension among college going students.
    92. Situational analysis of NICU of tertiary health care, public health sector of western India.
    93. Diagnosis, Compliance & Treatment Outcome Among Public & Private Sector- A Retrospective Cohort Study.
    94. Undernutrition Among Three to Five Years Old Children Attending Anganwadi Centers in a City.
    95. Study of health profile and lifestyle disorder pattern among medical students.
    96. A Study Of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Of Universal Precautions and Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Among Resident doctors.
    97. An interventional study regarding reproductive health among adolescent girls in the rural field practice area.
    98. Evalution of Treatment outcome of tuberculosis patients in the urban filed practice area.
    99. Rural Prevalence of type 2 diabets mellitus :A Cross sectional study
    100. Occupational Stress among staff nurses: Controlling the risk to health.
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