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Below is the list of 100 free thesis topics for MD/DNB Physiology. You can select  any good anatomy thesis topics for MD/DNB from here. For more thesis topics you can avail the service of premium thesis topics. The premium thesis topics include list of 2000+ physiology thesis topics as well as recent topics which has been published in various national and international physiology journals. 
  1.   Brainstem auditory evoked responses in essential hypertension.
  2. Comparative study of autonomic functions in normotensive and hypertensive subjects.
  3. A comparative study of autonomic functions in patients of hypothyroidism and hyperthroidism.
  4. A study to quantify the exercise stress in terms of oxygen consumption and anaerobic threshold in patients of suspected coronary artery disease during conventional treadmill testing.
  5. Is metabolic equivalent a good indicator of functional exercise capacity in adult asian indian patients of suspected coronary artery disease undergoing cardiac stress test (TMT) using bruce protocol.
  6. To study autonomic function status in subclinical hypothyroid patients.
  7. To study brain stem auditory evoked potential in patients with type II diabetes mellitus.
  8. Autonomic functions in normotensive subjects with family history of hypertension.
  9. Auditory evoked potentials in type II diabetes mellitus patients. 
  10. Comparative study of serum lipid profile in premenopausal and postmeno-pausal women.
  11. Study of correlation of body mass index, blood pressure and lipid profile in type- II diabetes and healthy individuals.
  12. Influence of age and gender on cold pressor test response in adults.
  13. Assessment of auditory and visual reaction time in type 2 diabetics.
  14. Correlation between hypertension and anthropometric variables in adult men above 30 years.
  15. Effect of sleep deprivation on human postural control,audio-visual reaction time and eye hand co-ordination.
  16. To evaluate taste sensitivity to phenylthiocarbamide in smokers and non-smokers.
  17. Influence of anthropometric indices and exercise on pulmonary function tests in young individuals
  18. Effect of pregnancy and labour on maternal oxygen saturation
  19. Detection of Primary Hypertension in Adolescent Group
  20. Prehypertension – prevalence and risk factors in young individuals – a study
  21. Influence of hasya yoga on type 2 diabetics with chronic stress
  22. The effect of solid and liquid meal on post-prandial portal vein flow
  23. Correlation of physical activity and metabolic syndrome in young adults
  24. Heart rate variability and glycemic control in type ii diabetes mellitus
  25. Puretone audiometry in industrial workers
  26. Study of pulmonary functions in chronic renal failure and the effect of hemodialysis on it
  27. Trends of intraocular pressure in different status of women
  28. Heart rate variability and Lipid profile in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  29. Sensory nerve conduction studies in Diabetes mellitus
  30. Randomized controlled study on the effect of hatha yoga on post myocardial infarction patients with coronary artery disease
  31. A study to assess the extent of autonomic dysfunction based on standard cardiovascular tests, in different grades of alcoholics
  32. Cardiovascular Indices of Autonomic Functions in End Stage Renal Disease Patients Pre and Post Dialysis
  33. Effects of obesity on the heart rate variability
  34. Heart rate variability in postmenopausal women co-related with estradiol assay
  35. Heart rate variability in hyperthyroid patients correlated with thyroid function tests
  36. Prevalence of refractive error among the anaemic and non-anaemic first MBBS students     
  37. Lung functions in Non Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus in Male subjects without history of respiratory disorders.       
  38. Study of Auditory and Visual reaction time in premenstrual and post menstrual phase.
  39. Prevalence of obesity in young Indian adults aged between 17 to 22 years and relation of obesity with lipid profile
  40. Lung Function tests in Air- Conditioner users. 
  41. Examination stress and its correlation with blood pressure, pulse and lipid profile
  42. Estimation of serum Ca, Mg & Pi levels during different phases of Menstrual cycle
  43. Assessment of incidence of obesity in 1st yr. M.B.B.S. students aged 18-23 yrs & its relation with Cardiopulmonary Efficiency.    
  44. A study of cardiopulmonary efficiency in physically trained and untrained subjects 
  45. Autonomic function tests in type II Diabetes mellitus male patients.
  46. To correlate the body fat percentage with autonomic nervous system activity in post menopausal women.          
  47. A study of pulmonary functions in spray painters working in automobile garage.
  48. Autonomic functions in hypertensive and Hypertensive diabetic subjects    
  49. Study of the normative changes in auditory brainstem response in infants.
  50. A study of autonomic functions in normotensive offspring with a genetic predisposition to essential hypertension.
  51. A study of tactile sensation and memory in blind and sighted individuals.
  52. A study of the effect of nutritional status on heart rate variabilities and skeletal muscle endurance in young adults.
  53. Effect of music on exercise induced sympathetic dominance, assessed by autonomic function tests.
  54. A study of autonomic functions in patients of bronchial asthma.
  55. Effect of obesity reduction on pulmonary function test.
  56. Effect of smoking on autonomic functions and pulmonary function tests.
  57. A study of Heart Rate Variability &Inflammatory markers in Subclinical Hypothyroidism.    
  58. A comparative study of cardiac autonomic functions in practitioners of yoga, trained athletes and individuals of sedentary lifestyle.
  59. Assessment of Cognitive Functions in Sleep Deprived Residents and Interns
  60. A comparative study to analyse gender differences in nerve conduction parameters of upper limb nerves in healthy adults
  61. Study of Neutrophil to Lymphocyte ratio and platelet to Lymphocyte ratio in Hypertensive and Normotensives.
  62. Influence of Physiological Factors and Posture induced changes in H-reflex study variables.
  63. To Study the effect of long working hours on nerve conduction velocity in chronic computer operators.
  64. Effect of weekly oral iron supplementation on cognitive functions in anaemic late adolescent girls.
  65. Sural nerve conduction studies in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients with clinically undetectable peripheral neuropathy.
  66. Sleep deprivation and visual evoked potential changes in rotational shift workers.
  67. A study of peripheral nervous system alterations in autoimmune disorder patients
  68. ECG as a diagnostic tool for electrolyte imbalance in hemodialysis patients of Chronic Kidney Disease.
  69. Effects of salt deprivation and calcium load on the blood pressure.
  70. Comparative analysis of the uterine menstrual cycle and the hematological indices of adolescents.
  71. Normal electrolyte values in an adult Indian population.
  72. Effect of dietary habits, disease patterns and psychological stress on known essential hypertensive patients.
  73. Effect of Ph on human erythrocyte shape.
  74. Plasma fibrinogen studies in diabetes mellitus.
  75. Plasma ascorbic acid levels of pregnant women in a rural area.
  76. Serum proteins in protein-energy malnutrition.
  77. Arm blood flow and anti-diabetic drugs in men.
  78.  lactose intolerance in adolescent girls.
  79. The effect of pollution on the nutritional status of pre-school children.
  80. The assessment of nutritional status of pre-school children in emohua village.
  81. A study of peripheal nervous system alterations in diabetes mellitus patients.
  82. Effect of cigarette smoking on lung functions.
  83. Effect of salt loading on blood sodium and potassium levels in males and females
  84. Influence of haemoglobin genotype on normal blood rheology.
  85. Effects of temperature and exercise on limb blood flow in man.
  86. Heights, weights, blood pressure, pulse, body surface area, respiratory rates in nigerian pupils of primary school age.
  87. Serum and urinary levels of sodium and potassium in a normal adult Indian population.
  88. Blood flow in normal nigerians and patients with diabetes mellitus.
  89. Estimation of basal metabolic rate (BMR) of adult females in port harcourt.
  90. Blood pressure changes during the menstrual cycle.
  91. Effect of plantain (musa paradisiaca) on rabbit intestinal motility.
  92. Effect of haemoglobin genotype on exercise tolerance.
  93. Normal serum calcium levels in random samples of adults in a Indian population.
  94. The effect of palm wine on gastric acid secrete
  95. An evaluation of the measurement of the specific gravity of blood as a screening test for blood donors.
  96. Incidence of colour blindness among university students in Indian rural population.
  97. Red blood cell count, packed cell volume and haemoglobin concentration in normal males.
  98. Creatinine clearance in pregnancy normalized to lean body mass.
  99. A study of peripheal nervous system alterations in Hypothyroid patients.
  100. Evaluation of autonomic and pulmonary functions in cervical compressive myelopathies.
  101. Physiological Changes in blood pressure during pregnancy. 
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