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    1. Clinical Outcome In Patients With Sinonasal Disease After Microdebrider Assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery A One Year Observational Study.
    2. Morphological And Morphometrical Features Of Human Middle Ear Ossicles- A Cadaveric Temporal Bone Study .
    3. Morphometric Evaluation Of Various Topography Of Thyroid Gland For Surgical Cruciality: An Observational Study
    4. Audiological Evaluation Of Early Nose Induced Hearing Loss In Traffic Police Personnel In A Second-Tier City- A Community-Based One Year Cross Sectional Study
    5. Clinical Outcome After Tympanoplasty With Use Of Autologus Platelet Rich Plasma In Case Of Tympanic Membrane Perforation: A One Year Observational Study.
    6. Assessment of hearing starts in patients with rheumatoid arthritis- A one year observational study
    7. The intratemporal course variation of facial nerve in wet temporal bones- An observational study
    8. Effetiveness of fentanyl nasal pack in post op pain assessment following fuctional endoscopic sinus surgery
    9. Radiological and morphological co-relation of mastoid air cell system in relation to its morphology
    10. Association of concha bullosa and chronic rhinosinusitis patients- A computerized tomography assisted one year cross sectional study
    11. Use of narrow band imaging in endoscopic evaluation of neoangiogenesis in laryngeal lesions
    12. ‘’Assessment of changes in intranasal moisture as an effect of deviated nasal septum using intranasal schirmer test’’- A one year hospital based observational study .
    13. Comparison of effect of preoperative intrasal desmopressin and intravenous desmopressin on intraoperative bleeding during FESS for chronic rhinosinusitis: 1 year randomized control study.
    14. Efficacy of anterior tucking versus conventional method in type 1 tympanoplasty- 1 year randomized control study
    15. Bacterial flora of respiratory tract following tracheostomy in intensive care unit patients: A one year prospective study.
    16. Analysis of nasal framework and its aesthetics in relation to CT scan: A one year observational study
    17. ‘’Study of relationship of inferior turbinate and uncinate process angulations with the lateral wall of nasal cavity in patients with septal spur’’- A one year hospital based observational study.
    18. Hearing improvement after adenoidectomy vs adenoidectomy with grommet insertion in cases of otitis media with effusion- A randomized control study .
    19. Study of Bacteriology in Cholesteatoma Cases
    20. Study of Preoperative and Postoperative Bacterial Culture in Sinonasal Polyposis Patients Undergoing Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
    21. Femoral Cortical Bone Homograft Ossiculo Plasty
    22. A Study of Deafness in Term Infants with Birth Asphyxia by Otoacoustic Emissions and Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry Tests
    23. Clinical Profile of Aerodigestive Foreign Bodies
    24. Comprehensive Analysis of Posterior Canal Wall Reconstruction Techniques on Patients Undergoing Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
    25. Aetiopathological Evaluation of Epistaxis and Management
    26. A Study of Fungal Diseases of Nose and Paranasal Sinuses
    27. A Study of Non Neoplastic Lesions of Larynx Causing Voice Disorders
    28. Cartilage Tympanoplasty in Atelectatic Ears
    29. A Study of Neck Secondaries in Pharyngeal and Laryngeal Malignancies
    30. Ossicular Pathology in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
    31. A study of Otomycosis
    32. Comparison of results of outcome of canal wall up mastoidectomy and canal wall down mastoidectomy for chronic suppurative otitis
    33. Endoscopic findings and radiological appearance in chronic rhinosinusitisa comparative study
    34. Clinicopathological evaluation of cervical nodal metastasis in pharyngeal and laryngeal tumours
    35. A comprehensive study on closed Rhinoplasty
    36. Endoscopic Assisted Adenoidectomy – A Comparative Study of Endoscopic Assisted Curettage Adenoidectomy with Conventional Curettage Adenoidectomy
    37. The Impact of Management of Chronic Rhinosinusitis in the Clinical Course of Bronchial Asthma
    38. Hearing Benefit in Middle Ear Reconstructive Surgery : A Comparative Study of the Current Methods
    39. A Study of Twenty Interesting Cases
    40. A study of surgical outcomes in chronic suppurative otitis media tubo tympanic [mucosal] disease treated with myringoplasty / cortical mastoidectomy with type 1 tympanoplasty
    41. A study of role of contact points in nose – as a causal factor in refractory headaches and the outcome of surgical treatment
    42. A comparative study between modified underlay myringoplasty with graft over the handle of malleus and classical underlay technique with graft under the handle of malleus
    43. Pre auricular sinus – a study of clinical presentation and comparison of simple sinectomy with supra auricular approach technique.
    44. Comparison between sublabial mucosal flaps and two flap technique of septal perforation repair.
    45. The role of functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) in patients of asthma with sinonasal diseases with and without ‘jal niti’ (saline irrigation), a comparative study.
    46. Auditory screening of neonates and and infants by TEOAEs and evaluation of hard of hearing
    47. neonates and infants for cochlear implantation – A prospective study.
    48. Endoscopic management of Orbital Lesions- A study of 30 cases.
    49. Foreign bodies in aerodigestive tract- A study of 50 cases.
    50. Extracranial complications of unsafe chronic suppurative Otitis media- A study of 30 cases.
    51. Vocal Cord Paresis and Paralysis: Evaluation and Management.
    52. To Evaluate the Potential Role of Sentinel Node Biopsy in Oral And Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
    53. Study of Prevalance of Fungal infection in cases of Chronic Rhinosinusitis in Indian Population.
    54. A study of Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP) in Adults with Normal Hearing.
    55. An evaluation of thyroid swelling and its surgical management
    56. Clinicoradiological study of chronic paranasal sinus diseases and their management by conservative approach and endoscopic surgery.
    57. Co-relation of HRCT Mastoid with Clinical Presentation and Operative findings in Ear
    58. A comparative study of temporalis fascia Tympanoplasty with palisade cartilage tympanoplasty.
    59. Study of Otorhinolaryngological manifestations in HIV infection.
    60. Clinicopathological study of lesions of Nose & Paranasal sinusis.
    61. Evaluation and Management of Dysphonia – Aprospective study.
    62. Microbiological evaluation of chronic suppurative otitis media.
    63. Study of Internal Nasal Valve & assessment of result of its surgical treatment .
    64. Clinical profile of deep neck space abscess and its management.
    65. Comparative Study of effect of Hyperthrophied Nasal Turbinate Cautery by Cryosurgery and Chemical Cauterization.
    66. Study of unsafe CSOM in Paediatric Population.
    67. Study of Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Chronic Otitis Media.
    68. Comparative Study of Nasal resistance patterns in Patients with Allergic Rhinitis Before and After Medication Using Rhinomanometer.
    69. To study the incidence of human papilloma virus related squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity & oropharynx and outcomes after treatment in a population of smokers and non smokers.
    70. Comparison of efficacy of narrow band imaging endoscopy and contact endoscopy in early diagnosis and surgical management of squamous malignancies of upper aerodigestive tract.
    71. A comparative study to evaluate the swallowing dysfunction in patients of locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma oral cavity pre and post treatment.
    72. A study of biofilms in chronic otitis media-active squamosal disease.
    73. A study of correlation between tympanic membrane perforation size and hearing loss in patients with inactive mucosal chronic otitis media.
    74. Acoustical analysis and videostroboscopic evaluation of voice disorders.
    75. Evaluation of otorhinolaryngological manifestations in children with hematooncological disorders. Efficacy of autograft and synthetic prosthesis in middle ear ossicular reconstruction.
    76. Functional outcomes of cochlear implantation in pre-lingual deaf children.
    77. Fluticasone with or without verapamil for chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis.
    78. Endoscopic management of retraction pockets and limited attic cholesteatoma.
    79. Anatomical and radiological analysis of intercarotid artery distance in endoscopic resection of pituitary tumors.
    80. Analysis of clinical features and surgical outcome in subglottic stenosis
    81. Expression of epithelial mesenchymal transition associated proteins snail and slug in oral cancer with and without neck metastasis
    82. Olfactory outcomes after functional endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis with polyps
    83. A study of linguistic outcomes of unilateral cochlear implantation in pre-lingually deaf children.
    84. Diagnostic efficacy of oto acoustic emission & auditory brainstem response based protocol for neonatal hearing.
    85. To evaluate speech and swallowing post-operatively in partial glossectomy patients and their role in effective rehabilitation.
    86. Clinico pathological evaluation of cytokeratin-18 in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
    87. Correlation of osteitis with disease severity and treatment outcome in patients of chronic rhinosinusitis.
    88. To evaluate the success of intraoral approach for removal of submandibular hilar stones.
    89. Surgical outcome in tracheal stenosis.
    90. A comparative study of endoscopic stapedotomy and microscopic stapedotomy.
    91. Comparative evaluation of preoperative hrct temporal bone with intraoperative endoscopic assessment of round window niche accessibility in cochlear implant surgery.
    92. Comparison of transeptal suturing technique with polyvinylalcohol spong nasal packing for hemostasis after septoplasty.
    93. Effect of gestational diabetes mellitus on hearing.
    94. Radiological evaluation of lacrimal apparatus injury after functional enoscopic sinus surgery.
    95. Isolated pruritus of external auditory canal: a clinical study.
    96. Effect of mastoid drilling on hearing sensitivity and otoacoustic emissions in normal ear of patients undergoing mastoid surgery.
    97. A study of correlation between glycosylated haemoglobin and sensorineural hearing loss in type II diabetic patients
    98. Mycological study in chronic suppurative otitis media-cholesteatoma disease.
    99. Usefulness of image analysis using imageJ of the interarytenoid area to detect cases of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux.
    100. Clinical profile, aeroallergen sensitivity and assessment of pulmonary function in pediatric chronic rhinosinusitis.
    101. Outcome of endoscopic resection of benign sinonasal tumors.
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