Research Topics

Research Topics

childhood nutrition and protein energy malnutrition

Pediatrics thesis topics on nutrition and protein energy malnutrition in children 

Below is the list of 25 free thesis topics on nutrition and protein energy malnutrition in children for MD/DNB Pediatrics. For more thesis topics you can avail the service of premium thesis topics. The premium thesis topics include list of 2000+ Pediatrics thesis topics as well as recent topics which has been published in various national and international Pediatrics journals. 

    1. 1.    The manifestations of vitamin C deficiency on wound healing and immune response in children.

      2.    Assessing the relationship between vitamin K deficiency and coagulation disorders in pediatric populations.

      3.    Exploring the systemic impact of vitamin E deficiency on neurologic and muscular function in children.

      4.    Investigating the manifestations of vitamin B6 deficiency on cognitive function and behavioral disorders in pediatric populations.

      5.    The systemic effects of thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency on cardiovascular and neurological health in children.

      6.    Assessing the relationship between riboflavin (vitamin B2) deficiency and dermatological manifestations in pediatric populations.

      7.    Exploring the impact of niacin (vitamin B3) deficiency on mental health and neuropsychiatric manifestations in children.

      8.    Investigating the systemic effects of biotin (vitamin B7) deficiency on metabolic function in pediatric populations.

      9.    The manifestations of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) deficiency on energy metabolism and systemic health in children.

      10. Assessing the relationship between omega-3 fatty acid deficiency and inflammatory manifestations in pediatric populations.

      11. Exploring the systemic impact of iodine deficiency on thyroid function and growth in children.

      12. Investigating the manifestations of copper deficiency on hematological and neurological function in pediatric populations.

      13. The systemic effects of selenium deficiency on immune response and thyroid function in children.

      14. Assessing the relationship between manganese deficiency and neurological manifestations in pediatric populations.

      15. Exploring the impact of fluoride deficiency on dental health and oral manifestations in children.

      16. The significance of colostrum in reducing the risk of allergic diseases in infants.

      17. Colostrum and its effect on neonatal brain development and cognitive outcomes.

      18. The role of colostrum in preventing hypoglycemia and promoting stable blood sugar levels in newborns.

      19. Colostrum expression and its impact on breastfeeding success and neonatal health.

      20. The importance of colostrum in providing emotional bonding between mothers and newborns.

      21. Colostrum supplementation and its influence on breastfeeding duration and exclusivity.

      22. The impact of maternal factors on colostrum composition and volume.

      23. The effect of colostrum on the prevention of respiratory infections in newborns.

      24. Colostrum and its role in reducing the risk of neonatal jaundice.

      25. Colostrum and its influence on the development of the neonatal immune system.

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