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Medical Secretary Ashwini Joshi Transferred. Had been in the eye of storm over derecognition of CPS courses.

Ashwini Joshi who had been in the eye of the storm over college of physician and surgeons’ courses in Maharashtra, in a surprise move by government of Maharashtra, is transferred to BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) as additional municipal commissioner. She has been holding post of Secretary Medical Education Departement, Government Of Maharashtra since 2022. Now Dinesh Waghmare who had been working as principal secretary (appeals and security) is posted as secretary, Medical Education Department of Maharashtra.



As reported by NDTV in march Union minister Nitin Gadkari had written a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister
Eknath Shinde seeking the transfer of state’s Medical Education Secretary Dr Ashwini Joshi

Read Union Minister seeks transfer of Ashwini Joshi

It is to be noted that it was during her tenure that College of physicians and Surgeons courses has been closed and no admissions took place for academic year 2023. This has also not gone down well in medical fraternity as many of these CPS diploma holder doctors are giving specialised services in rural areas in Maharashtra.

In fact, recognising the potential and importance of these courses government of Maharashtra itself had started these courses in many government hospitals and had given admission to its medical officers working in public health department so that after completion they could provide specialised services in government rural

With transfer of Ashwini Joshi many medical students have started hoping that admissions to CPS courses will be resumed.


Many of these students have opined that the hospitals which lacks facilities should not be allowed to start these courses but a blanket closure of CPS courses will adversely affect the maternal and child health indices in rural areas of Maharashtra because of increased risk of peripartum and perinatal morbidity and mortality because of lack of specialized services in rural areas in absence of specialists.

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