Data collection forms for MD/MS/DNB Thesis.

Research Topics

medical thesis topics
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Data collection fomrs

                                                                    1st MBBS

1.   Anatomy.

2.   Physiology.

3.   Biochemistry.

                                                                   2nd MBBS

4.   Pathology.

5.   Microbiology.

6.   Forensic Medicine
and Toxicology.

7.   Pharmacology

                                                                3rd MBBS

  8.   General Medicine

  9.  Paediatrics

  10.  General Surgery

  11.  Orthopedics

  12.  Dermatology.

  13.  Anaesthesiology.

  14.  Radiology.

  15.  Psychiatry.

  17.  Ophthalmology.

  18.  ENT.

  19.  Preventive and social medicine.


20.  Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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There are many methods of sample size determination. It is one of the first hurdle when someone starts writing a thesis. I have tried to give simplest way of determination of sample size. You need to show the method to your PG teacher before you include this method in your thesis. First confirm from your PG teacher and then only proceed.

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