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ChatGPT clinches Diagnosis of teethered cord syndrome

After 17 Doctors fail to to diagnose "Teethered Cord Syndrome" ChatGPT makes a correct Diagnosis.

A woman living in United states of America claimed ChatGPT diagnosed teethered cord syndrome after 17 doctors fails to do so.

ChatGPT diagnosed teethered cord syndrome

Mother said that she noticed that her son  had stopped growing taller, so they visited the pediatrician, who said that it may be because of COVID pandemic after effect and thereafter suggested physical therapy.

However, before starting physical therapy, Alex started experiencing severe headaches, and a neurologist, said he had migraines. He also saw an ear, nose, and throat specialist to see if his sleep problems were due to his sinus cavities.

After visiting 17 doctors, over three years, Alex’s issue still had no diagnosis that explained all his symptoms. 

The woman claimed ”We saw so many doctors. We ended up in the ER at one point. I kept pushing. Nobody’s willing to solve the greater problem. Nobody will even give you a clue about what the diagnosis could be,” Courtney said. 

Frustrated, she then sought help from an unlikely source and signed up for ChatGPT, where she shared her son’s symptoms and all the information from medical reports.

According to her ”I went line by line of everything that was in his (MRI notes) and plugged it into ChatGPT. I put the note in there about … how he wouldn’t sit crisscross applesauce. To me, that was a huge trigger (that) a structural thing could be wrong,” she said. 

In response, ChatGPT suggested Alex was suffering from a rare neurological condition called tethered cord syndrome.

Though its not always wise to turn to internet for diagnosis of medical conditions. The case also highlights the need for doctors to be well verse of the changing landscape of medical practice.

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