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in service PG for medical officers

In Service PG for Medical Officers Soon to be a reality As NEET PG Qualifying Percentile is reduced to Zero.

NEET PG is a standardized test conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE). Its primary purpose is to assess and rank medical graduates based on their knowledge and skills. The scores from NEET PG are used for admissions into postgraduate medical courses in India. To appear for NEET PG, you need to have completed your MBBS degree. It is a mandatory requirement for anyone who wants to pursue postgraduate medical studies in India.

NEET PG is typically a computer-based test (CBT) with multiple-choice questions. It assesses your knowledge, clinical skills, and problem-solving abilities.Your performance in NEET PG determines your rank among all the candidates who take the exam. Higher ranks open up more opportunities for you to choose your preferred specialization and institution for postgraduate studies.

Once you have your NEET PG score and rank, you can apply for postgraduate courses like MD (Doctor of Medicine), MS (Master of Surgery) and DNB (Diplomat of National Board) in various medical colleges and universities across India. Admissions are typically done through centralized counseling processes, and your NEET PG rank plays a crucial role in securing your seat.

Qualifying percentile for NEET-PG 2023 is Zero                                                                                                             The National Medical Council (NMC) has relaxed the qualifying criterion for admission to postgraduate (PG) medical courses to scoring zero percentile in National Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET)-PG. This decision means its sufficient for an MBBS doctor to just appear for exam. Since the qualifying percentile is ZERO that means if a PG aspirant has scored even Zero Marks then he is qualified for PG admission.


The reason Behind such a Decision                                                                                                                                  Out of approximately 70,000 seats many of the seats used to remain vacant till last year because many students were not eligible to take those seats because of lack of qualifying criteria (means they couldn’t score the qualifying cutoff marks required). This led to wastage of seats on one hand and loss of opportunity for those who wanted to take that particular PG seat but couldn’t do so because of not-qualifying in NEET PG as per percentile requirement. Now since the Qualifying percentile for NEET-PG 2023 is Zero that means everybody who has appeared for exam is eligible to take a PG seat.

 How it is going to affect Reserved category students?                                                                                                   It is a very good opportunity for reserved category students because many of these students couldn’t secure admissions in PG medical courses because they couldn’t score enough marks to be eligible to secure a PG seat. Now all such students will get PG seats and their seats wont be allotted to general category students.

 How it is going to Affect In-Service Candidates ie Medical Officers?                                                                        One of the most important section of doctors this decision is going to affect is those medical officers who had been working in remote and rural areas of the country. These doctors usually work in very inhospitable conditions away from home as well as facilities. Their places of posting mostly lacks the basic amenities and because of this various state governments keep a certain percentage of PG seats reserved for these medical officers as a recognition of the services they render to poor and rural sections of the societies. Since these medical officers usually lacks the facilities and hardly can join coaching classes for NEET PG entrance exams, many of them cannot qualify in NEET PG and despite the seats reserved for them they cannot take admission to PG courses because they couldn’t secure required percentile marks in exams and eventually the seats reserved for all such medical officers used to be allotted to general category students. These particular seats include premier PG seats like MD radiology and MD medicine etc. Now with this new rule all medical officers who appear for NEET PG will automatically become eligible for admissions to PG courses and their seats will no longer be allotted to general category students.

Medical Officer NEET PG

How it is going to affect general category students?                                                                                                   The general category students are going to be at the receiving end of this decision. The seats which usually used to get converted into general category seats from reserved category and in service category will no longer be available.

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