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What Is the meaning of "Ready to Paste" Sample Size Text?

In sample size calculator, The calculator will give you values for
1. Standard Error of Mean
2. Precision
3. Sample Size

All these 3 values are required for determination of sample size.

However we need to choose a pilot study and then depending upon Power and 95% confidence interval the final sample size can be determined.

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We will provide you "ready to paste" sample size determination text which you can directly paste into your thesis. This will include

1. Selection of a proper pilot study depending upon the title of your study.
2. Sample size calculation with respect to power and confidence interval.
3. writing of complete text of sample size calculation.

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There are many methods of sample size determination. It is one of the first hurdle when someone starts writing a thesis. I have tried to give simplest way of determination of sample size. You need to show the method to your PG teacher before you include this method in your thesis. First confirm from your PG teacher and then only proceed.

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