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The Legacy Of College of Physicians and Surgeons

The Current status of courses run by college of physicians and surgeons remain uncertain despite it being a renowned medical institution located in Mumbai, India. Established in 1912, it has played a significant role in the advancement of medical education and training in the region. Some of its diploma courses were also recognised by Medical Council of India.

Since many decades CPS continued to uphold its legacy of excellence in medical education and training. With expanded academic programs, a focus on research, and initiatives for continuing medical education, the institution played a pivotal role in producing competent healthcare professionals and advancing medical practices in Mumbai.

The Accusations Against CPS

Unregulated Admission Process:

There is no denying that admissions to CPS courses were unregulated up to 2017 but since then the admission process to the CPS courses is being done on the basis of NEET exam conducted by national board of examinations.

Sub-standard facilities at the institutions running CPS courses.

Its true that many of the institutions running the CPS courses do not have adequate facilities as prescribed by Medical council of india or National medical commission but the approach should be to either upgrade the facilities at the concerned institutions or cancel the CPS course at that particular institute rather than a blanket closure of CPS courses. That is exactly what is done by National medical commission. When they find deficiencies at a medical college they either demand the deficiencies be corrected or otherwise they stop admissions at that particular institute. Its in no ones favour to put a blanket closure to all the institutes and courses.

Frauds in obtaining CPS degress:-

In April 2018 the curious case of duplicate or fake CPS diplomas came into light. The Postgraduate CPS Diploma submitted to Maharashtra medical council (MMC) for registeration of additional qualification were found to be fake. After realising this officials at the meharashtra medical council started going to into the details of all CPS diplomas submitted to them for registeration of additional qualification and to their astonishment it was found that many doctors submitted fake CPS diploma to MMC. Allegations were levelled against CPS for not taking due diligence. However CPS denied all the allegations and said that these are fake degrees and they don’t have anything to do with this. In the wake of this Fake CPS diploma scam many doctors lost their MMC registeration for 1-5 years. Also the image of CPS took a serious dent.

Beginning of Trouble For CPS courses

The real trouble with the CPS courses started with the letter written by Secretary– Medical Education and Drug Department, government of Maharashtra to union secretary (Ministry of health and family welfare). The letter had many adverse comments about CPS courses such as these courses are being run without any specific permission from state government and also it talked about inadequate facilities in the institutes running  CPS courses. The inadequate facilities were found during inspections of institutes and hospitals running CPS courses.

Copy of concerned letter

The Secretary not only wrote this letter to central government but also issued a show cause notice to CPS asking them about why action should not be taken against CPS because of the deficiencies observed at CPS institutes.

In response to this letter rather than apprising the secretary (Medical education department Government of maharashtra) the CPS went straight to Hon Bombay High Court and challenged and sought to stay the show cause notice issued to it by Medical Education department and this in the eyes of many legal advisors was the blunder CPS committed. When a high ranking and responsible government officer issues you show cause notice the first thing you are supposed to be doing is to take stock of your own house and try to correct deficiencies. Bombay High court after going through the positions of opposing parties criticised CPS for not answering the notice and dismissed the petition.

Read The Judgement Of Hon Bombay High court

Meanwhile central government formed a committee to look into the controversy surrounding CPS courses. In an order dated April 3, the ministry said the new committee, which will be headed by Directorate General of Health Services chief Dr Atul Goel, will consider matters relating to “recognition of CPS courses” and “continued admission to these courses”

In the meantime NMC issued a letter dated 13/04/2023 which recommended de-recognition of all CPS courses including 3 diploma courses (DCH,DGO and DPB ) which were still recognised by MCI/NMC.

The panel formed by the union government to look into the matter of CPS courses contemplated the possibility of CPS diploma courses to be included under NBE which regulates and awards DNB (Diplomat of national board) degrees which is considered to be equivalent to MD/MS awarded by NMC regulated medical colleges. However The panel held several meetings to discuss the possibility of inclusion of CPS courses into NBE courses however eventually declined the possibility of such an inclusion.

Summary Of The events

    1. Medical Education and Drug Deprtament govt of Maharashtra Found deficiencies at institutes running CPS courses.

    2. It Issued a show cause notice to CPS and also wrote letter to union government informing about the deficiencies and asking for further guidance regarding admissions to courses run by CPS.

    3. CPS Knocks the door of Bombay high court and asks for stay against the notice issued to it by Medical Education department. However Hon Bombay High court Rejects CPS petition and orders it to answer the show cause notice.

    4. Central Governemnt forms a committee to look into the matters pertaining to CPS courses.

    5. MCI recommends de-recognition of all CPS courses including DCH, DGO and DPB.

    6. The National Board of Examination refuses inclusion of CPS courses under NBE.

    Current Situation Vis-à-vis CPS Courses.

      1. NMC doesn’t recognise any CPS courses except DCH,DGO and DPB. Also NMC recommended Derecognition of these courses and the decision is yet to be taken by central Government.

      2. NBE refused inclusion of CPS courses under NBE.

      3. Admissions to these courses has not been started for the academic year 2023.

      Rural India Will suffer if CPS courses are discontinued.

      It is well known fact that the students opting for CPS courses usually do not have good rank in NEET and consequently they opt for CPS courses. After completing CPS postgraduate Diploma courses these doctors either work in government hospitals in semiurban or rural areas or they establish their practice in semiurban and rural areas where there is still a remarkable need to specialists.

      By derecognising and stopping admissions to CPS courses the deficiency of specialists at semiurban and rural India is going to increase significantly.

      All stakeholders should think about upgrading the facilities at the concerned institutes and correct the deficiencies rather than putting a blanket ban on these courses.

      That will be a great injustice not only with the PG aspirants but also the needy population of rural India.

      Please let us know what do you think bout CPS courses in the comments section below.

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