ChatGPT Fails in FRCS orthopaedic exam

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ChatGPT Fails in FRCS orthopaedic exam

ChatGPT Fails FRCS orthopaedic exam`

ChatGPT fails FRCS orthopaedic exam has come a surprise for many orthopedicians. ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI’s advanced language model GPT-3.5, has proven to be a remarkable tool in various domains, and its capabilities extend beyond just natural language understanding and generation. As an AI language model, ChatGPT has showcased its potential to aid in educational and professional endeavors, including its ability to tackle medical exams with impressive proficiency. 

With its vast knowledge base and context-aware responses, ChatGPT offers a valuable resource for medical students and professionals seeking to enhance their understanding, prepare for exams, and deepen their knowledge in the complex and ever-evolving field of medicine. In this article, we will explore how ChatGPT’s unique features enable it to pass medical exams effectively and how it can serve as a valuable study partner for those in the medical profession.

Of late many biotechnology engineers have started assessing various AI based modules in their ability to pass various speciality and subspeciality board exams as well as various medical licensing exams. Various AI based programs such as chat GPT have successfully passed USMLE (United states medical licensing exam) in Feb 2023. It passed USMLE with 60% accuracy without any aid or interventioon of a clinician. The researchers also fconcluded that ChatGPT’s results showed valid clinical decisions as would be taken by a human clinician.
This was remarkable feat in the eyes of people who are part of development of AI based programs. Elon musk famously reacted to the news of ChatGPT passing USMLE by tweeting “
I’m sure everything will be fine”.

Not only medical licensing exams but also chat GPT has passed various other exams such as Law exam (University of Minnesota) and chartered accountancy (CA) exams.

However ChatGPT reportedly has failed in FRCS orthopaedic part A exam. According to an article published in “The Surgeon” journal ChatGPT was unable to pass the FRCS Orthopaedic examination. According to the authors “several factors contributed to this outcome, including the lack of critical or high-order thinking abilities, limited clinical expertise, and the inability to meet the rigorous requirements of the exam.”


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Thesis topics for MD/MS and DNB
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