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thesis topics pdfs

Article Search for MD/MS/DNB Thesis

The first step towards understanding a thesis topic and its intricacies is to read articles on similar topics published in various indexed journals.

Reading related articles published in reputed medical journals will give you an idea about whether or not you should opt for a particular topic.

Plus it will also give you an idea about the expected outcome of a study.

What’s the service you will get?

5 pdfs of articles published on the similar topics. In the rare case when there is no papers available on the particular topic (which is very unusual) then we will send you the topics which are relevant to your thesis topics if not exactly similar.

2 steps are required to avail this service.

Step 1. Fill up the form. Put the thesis title exactly same. Since every word of thesis topic is important. After completing the form click on submit button.

Step 2. Click on the ” Get 5 PDFs on thesis topic” button. and pay the charges.  We will send you 5 related articles in PDF format within 6 hours on whatsapp number given by you. In rare instance if you don’t receive pdfs within 6 hours then do message us using whatsapp icon given in right lower corner of this page.

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There are many methods of sample size determination. It is one of the first hurdle when someone starts writing a thesis. I have tried to give simplest way of determination of sample size. You need to show the method to your PG teacher before you include this method in your thesis. First confirm from your PG teacher and then only proceed.

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