About Us

We’re post-graduate medical residents gathering thesis topics to create a centralized list for easy access.

We are a group of post-Graduate medical Residents who are working tirelessly to collect the thesis topics so that everyone else gets the concentrated subject wise thesis list in one place. And the process is not a one-time process we are continually updating the list from recent thesis topics in various universities, from papers published in reputed medical journals and also by manually searching libraries for recent and upcoming thesis topics.

Having ourselves gone through the grinding of residency we are well aware of the difficulties in searching for an appropriate thesis topic. With a lot of effort, we have compiled a list of thousands of thesis topics in one place.

That will help you in selecting a good thesis topic.

Best Luck

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There are many methods of sample size determination. It is one of the first hurdle when someone starts writing a thesis. I have tried to give simplest way of determination of sample size. You need to show the method to your PG teacher before you include this method in your thesis. First confirm from your PG teacher and then only proceed.

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